Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing

Since 1987

Optimize Your Genotype ~
Maximize Your Phenotype

Welcome to Healthexcel Metabolic Typing®

... the leading edge in customized nutrition and ecological lifestyle programs to achieve optimal wellness, peak performance, and unfold full genetic potential.

As a research-based organization since 1987, Healthexcel is the established leader and registered trademark holder of Metabolic Typing®. There is only one real, true, genuine, original, and official Metabolic Typing®.

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In addition to conducting research, Healthexcel provides technical consulting services to health professionals engaged in nutritional counseling, wellness coaching, peak performance development, and ecological lifestyle optimization. The company offers advanced computer-based services that enable health professionals to evaluate the highly individualized nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle needs of patients and clients, and to provide customized protocols to meet genetically-based requirements to achieve optimal wellness and peak performance.

Healthexcel provides Metabolic Typing® research, a series of computerized Metabolic Typing® analyses, designing of Metabolic Typing® customized nutrition and ecological lifestyle programs, creation of specific Metabolic Typing® nutritional formulations, Metabolic Typing® training for health professionals, turn-key Metabolic Typing® systems for health, sports, and wellness professionals, and international Metabolic Typing® consulting services.

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