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Since 1987, Healthexcel has designed highly individualized Metabolic Typing® programs for health professionals, patients, and the general public.

Healthexcel offers three entry points into the world of Metabolic Typing®

  1. The Metabolic Typing<sup>®</sup>Diet    "BASIC" Program - " The Metabolic Typing®Diet, " published by Doubleday, January 2000, 420 pages, available in bookstores everywhere and online . For the first time the complete philosophy of Metabolic Typing® is revealed to the public. The best-selling book also contains a Metabolic Typing® self-test that allows the reader to identify his or her general Metabolic Type® category and follow the appropriate Metabolic Type® dietary recommendations as well as additional self-tests to further customize the diet. For more information about " The Metabolic Typing®Diet, " see .

  2. "INTERMEDIATE" Program - Available to the general public. Comprised of a computer-based assessment that reveals the Autonomic and Oxidative Types as well as the Dominant System and makes basic recommendations for the proper Metabolic Type diet and supplements. This program is an exponential step above the simplicity offered in the book and is for those who for some reason do not wish to consult with a Metabolic Typing® professional. View the Intermediate program at Metabolic Typing®Online here.

  3. "ADVANCED" Program - Available only through a Healthexcel a qualified Metabolic Typing® Advisor and includes consulting. Comprised of a more extensive computer-based questionnaire analysis that reveals the Autonomic, Oxidative, Endocrine and Blood Type as well as the Dominant System (AUTONOMIC - Sympathetic, Balanced, Parasympathetic, or OXIDATIVE - Fast Oxidation, Mixed Oxidation, Slow Oxidation). This highly individualized program goes far beyond the Basic and Intermediate Programs, providing a 20 page report and 10 page diet plan for the Metabolic Type® , as well as extensive lifestyle information specific to success with the program enhance the program as well as eradicate lifestyle adn environmental factors that disrupt the body's ability to function normally (optimally). View the Advanced online data entry form here.

Advanced Program
(Requires a qualified Metabolic Typing® Advisor)


Available only through a Healthexcel Metabolic Typing® Advisor. Requires consultation sessions and guidance by a Metabolic Typing®Advisor. Comprised of an internet-based, computer-analyzed assessment that reveals the status of 4 Fundamental Homeostatic Control Systems and the Dominant System:

  • Autonomic Type (Sympathetic, Balanced, Parasympathetic)
  • Oxidative Type (Fast Oxidation, Mixed Oxidation, Slow Oxidation)
  • Endocrine Type (Pituitary, Adrenal, Thyroid, Gonadal)
  • Blood Type in relation to food allergies and lectins (A1, A2, AB, B, O)
  • Dominant System (Autonomic or Oxidative)

The Advanced Program provides:

  • Extensive explanation of how to work with the MT diet, including How To Eat Using The Food List and Fine-Tuning Macronutrient Ratios
  • Extensive and highly specific Metabolic Type® diet recommendations
    • 300 item food list as per the Metabolic Type®
    • Explanations of food groups relative to the Metabolic Type®
    • Specific dietary do's and don'ts for the Metabolic Type®
    • Metabolic Type® menu plans
  • Guidelines and Recommendations for
    • Shopping For Food
    • Proper Food Selection
    • Proper Food Preparation
    • Cooking Guidelines
    • Cooking Grains
    • Cooking With Fats and Oils
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  • Critical information and education regarding customizing macronutrient ratios to each meal and snack, using proprietary
    • Diet Check Records
    • Diet Symptom Journals
  • Specific Metabolic Type® supplement recommendations
  • Evaluation of critically significant Blocking Factors for removal
  • Evaluation of Toxic Load lifestyle factors for removal
  • Evaluation of teeth and meridian connection to organs
  • Recommendations of specific methods to optimize program results
  • Extensive supportive educational and practical information for achieving desired results, such as
    • Heavy Metals - review of all known sources and adverse symptoms
    • Understanding the Importance of Digestion
    • Candida albicans self-assessment
    • Dealing with Expected Reactions
    • Self-administered Pulse Test for food reactions
    • How To Succeed With A Metabolic Typing®Program
    • FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions
    • Recommended Healthy Product Resources
  • On-going support beyond initial follow-up is available.


  • Computer analyzed simple-to-complete 150 question survey.
  • Evaluation of:
    • Autonomic Type
    • Oxidative Type
    • Dominance
    • Endocrine Type
    • ABO Blood Type
    • Lifestyle Factors
    • Candida albicans overgrowth screening results
  • Periodic re-evaluations to check progress and adjust programs if necessary.


  • A written report about your Metabolic Type® .
  • An Eating Plan correct for your Metabolic Type® :
    • 300 foods conveniently listed on one sheet of paper.
  • Essential (minimal) and Optimal (maximum) Nutritional Supplement Programs customized for your Metabolic Type® .
  • Instructions for determination and fine-tuning of macronutrient ratios (protein, fat, carbohydrate).
  • A detailed practical guide for following your Metabolic Type® program.
  • Lifestyle recommendations.