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Only your body can answer that question. Use the self-screen below to find out. But first, a little background:

Food Is Foundational

Food is intended as fuel to keep your “engines of metabolism” – your body’s cells – running at peak performance every day of your life. All 100 trillion of them! … That’s quite a number.

If you were to use a stop watch to measure 100 trillion where 1 cell was equal to 1 second, by the time you ticked off 100 trillion seconds, you’d find yourself about 1.5 million years into the future! 100 trillion – that’s a lot of cells. Yet, every cell in your body, whether a heart cell, bone cell, liver cell, stomach cell, brain cell, etc., knows exactly what to do and how to do it perfectly. That information is encoded into the DNA in every one of your 100 trillion cells. In other words, you’re genetically programmed for optimal health and function!

It all starts with your food – the fuel for those engines of metabolism. What you eat in great measure determines whether you enjoy good health and peak performance for life -- or fall prey to malfunction and disease.

Every engine ever created was designed to use only a certain kind of fuel for maximum energy output. Some engines run on gasoline while others require diesel. Supply an engine with the wrong kind of fuel and not only will the energy output be suboptimal but with use, the wrong fuel will actually cause the engine to break down.

Just like that, different people require different kinds of food – different kinds of “fuel” to run their “engines of metabolism” optimally. Evidence of this undeniable fact of human biochemistry can be easily observed when a certain diet that may result in weight loss for some people will have little effect on others and will actually cause a third group to gain weight!

But eat the right food for your metabolism, for your Metabolic Type®, and not only will your weight likely normalize but every other aspect of your health – and your life -- will likely show improvement. That’s because only the diet that meets your genetically-based requirements for nutrition can result in optimal energy production by your cells. And, that is the foundation for optimal health!

Are You Following the Right Diet?

So, how do you know whether you’re eating right for your Metabolic Type®? How can you tell whether your diet is optimizing your body’s cellular energy production? Well, it’s pretty simple really, once you understand what to look for:

Think back over your lifetime. Do you remember a time when you felt simply incredible, where you felt so good you could hardly stand it? You felt the kind of robust energy that just made you want to run and jump and sing and dance. You felt happy for no specific reason. No aches or pains. No health complaints whatsoever. You just simply felt great in every way -- like you just couldn't feel any better, even if you tried!

Well, if you felt like that even just once, whether for a week, a day, an hour or even just a few minutes, then you experienced temporarily what true good health really is. But understand this:

That dynamic state of well-being, of exuberance and joy reminiscent of childhood energy and enthusiasm, when you had a spring in your step and a song in your heart that left you grinning from ear-to-ear – that is your birthright! The knowledge of how to function that way is hard-wired into your DNA. That is how your body is designed to function, all the time.

If you could experience that wonderful state of good health for even just 1 minute, you can experience it every minute of every day of your life! And the key to doing just that is the food you eat, the fuel you give your engines of metabolism, every day, three or more times a day.

What you eat has everything to do with your energy levels, how you feel, how well your mind works, your emotional well-being, your sense of satiety (feeling satisfied after a meal), and whether or not you have cravings.

Want to know if you’re eating right for your Metabolic Type® -- whether your food is acting as your “medicine” or your “poison”? Just follow the instructions on the next page carefully and answer the short test 1-2 hours after each meal over the course of 1 day. What you’ll discover might surprise you. But you’ll for sure learn whether or not you might benefit from Metabolic Typing®.

The Metabolic Typing® Screening Tool

If a statement applies to you, consider it TRUE.
If a statement does NOT apply to you, consider it FALSE:

How do you feel 1-2 hours after each meal every day?






I feel full, totally satisfied, and am not hungry until my next meal


I do NOT crave or desire something sweet between meals


I have good, high, lasting energy


My mind is sharp, focused, clear


I feel great after my meal – renewed, restored, refueled


I can concentrate easily and well


I feel happy, content, at peace


I do not feel sleepy, lethargic, tired


I do NOT need coffee, cola or another source of caffeine for energy to get keep me going


I do NOT feel angry, irritable, short-tempered, anxious, or depressed

If only TRUE was applied to you and no FALSE applied to you …
Congratulations! At the present time, your diet appears to be correlating very well to your Metabolic Type® requirements. However, due to changes in stress levels, environment and other lifestyle factors, your Metabolic Type® requirements for optimal energy production can – and will – change. When that happens, you will no longer be able to answer only TRUE to the 10 questions. That would be an ideal time to find out your Metabolic Type®, using our exclusive, original, official Metabolic Typing® Assessment. It is based on over 40 years of research and development and the experiences of hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of practitioners in over 40 countries to date.

If ANY answers were marked FALSE …
Thank you for using The Metabolic Typing® Screening Tool. Because you answered FALSE to one or more questions, it appears as though you are NOT eating optimally for your Metabolic Type®. As a result, energy is likely NOT being produced properly from your diet which can result in adverse reactions like inappropriate hunger, low energy, cravings, emotional imbalances, decreased mental abilities, weight gain, and diminished well-being. In order to give your body what it needs, you MUST discover what foods are right – and wrong – for YOU!

Find out your Metabolic Type® today!